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Jiangsu Ruda Bioengineering Co. Ltd.

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The company Introduction

Jiangsu Ruda Bioengineering Co. Ltd. is a high-tech limited company was founded in Xuzhou P.R.C 2019. 

The company is committed to the development of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate production, pharmaceutical raw materials processing, management and import and export of natural plants and their extracts.  

The company has a full in-house laboratory to offer assistance to customers who require product development or technical support. Ruda adheres to Standard Operating Procedures covering all aspects of the business which ensures that our facility meets the requirements and approval of multi-national manufacturers as a world class distributor.

The company has relatively high processing capability for pharmaceutical raw materials and is now producing bile acid products and a variety of Chinese herbal extracts. At the same time, the company also sells high-quality Chinese herbal medicine. 

The company constantly improved its technological advantage, capacity advantage and market advantage. The company insists on the basic expansion path of "opens up the market outward and pays great attention to the internal management".   

Focusing on innovative products and innovative services for customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and cosmetic industries. The company  has established deep relationships with large pharmaceutical and food companies in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.  It will be the best supplier of Chinese herbal medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and natural extracts supplier.