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Cistanche Deserticola Extract

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    Brown yellow powder

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Cistanche Deserticola Extract

Type:Cistanche deserticola extract, Herbal Extract

Form:Powder, Powder

Part:Stem, Stem

Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

Place of Origin:Xizang, China (Mainland)


Brand Name:Zangzitang

Model Number:5:1, 10:1, 20:1

Variety:Cistanche deserticola extract

Product Name:cistanche deserticola extract

Specification:5%-98% ,10:1

Appearance:Brown yellow powder

Active Ingredient:Echinacoside,Acteoside

Shelf life:2 Years Proper Storage

Function:Enhance men's sexual desire

Functions of Cistanche deserticola extract:

1. Cistanche Tubulosa Extract has echinacoside and acteoside which improve sexual ability ; Tonify the kidneys and strengthen yang.  

2. Women Frigidity and infertility. 

3. Cistanche Tubulosa Extract improves brain function , learning and memory function, improves their ability to remember and extract memorised information.    

4. Improving memory, preventing Alzheimer's dementia and climacteric diseases.   

5. Cistanche Tubulosa Extract has an anti-oxidative anti-ageing effect by : Inhibiting activity of reactive oxygen species.   

6. Pain in the lower back and knees and fragile bones and tendons due to kidne deficiency.   

7. Moisten the intestines and move feces.


1. Sexual Health

Part of the popularity revolving around cistanche is its use to treat problems related to sexual health. Even in Western cultures, many people drink tea or consume powder extracts made with the herb. People believe that it can increase a woman's fertility and that it is particularly helpful for women having difficulty conceiving. Many men use the herb to treat impotence and premature ejaculation as well.    

2. Constipation

Typically, it is reserved for people with chronic constipation, such as older individuals, postpartum women, and people who are bedridden. It is often combined with other herbs, such as seeds from the hemp plant, especially when used to treat digestive issues such as constipation.  

3. Immune system

New scientific studies are showing evidence of the herbs effectiveness. For example, some studies show that cistanche can be used to fight aging. This also has made the herb very popular in both Eastern and Western cultures. In addition, it is thought to prevent fatigue and increase energy. Some studies show that it may improve memory and enhance the immune system as well. Many people believe the herb will work as an anti-inflammatory and that it can even help decrease blood pressure.

What about the applications?

1.Applied in health product field.

2.Applied in Pharmaceutical field, used as capsules or pills.